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 IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence

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IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence Empty
PostSubject: IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence   IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 3:30 pm

IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence

Genre : A-RPG & Exploration
Style : Modern/Castle
Estimated Play Time : 1 hour~.
Creator : Astram
Special Thanks : Eljeune,Joe Monsters

Features :

● Automatic A-RPG System.
● A mysterious castle.
● Treasures and secrets to discover...
● This game is between IParadise 1 & IParadise 2.

IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence Downloade


Gameplay :
Automatic A-RPG.
In brief,when the Hero touch a monster,he dead.
He get so GOLD and XP,but he loses HP.

For refill his HP,the Heros must :
● Eat the food that it find or buy.
● Sleep in a bed of this castle.(But only in a room where there are not monsters)

Story :

23th December 2004.
Carl is gone in the forest of Quebec,and he hear suddenly a weird big laugh.
He don't knew where this loud laugh came.
During his exploration,he finishes by discover the Castle of Reminiscence...


Carl :
IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence Carlface

It's the Hero of this game.
He discovered the Castle of Reminiscence in a exploration of the forest of Quebec.

??? :
IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence Heinface

Strange personage,she sell items to Carl.
Carl can too sell him treasures that it find during his exploration.

Screenshots :

IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence EnsembleIPG

Good game to everybody!
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IParadise Gaiden : Castle of Reminiscence
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